Open Burner under Oven CMT-AR36

Key Features

Open Burner under Oven CMT-AR36, 30,000BTU (8.8KW)/Burner. 33,000BTU (9.7KW) Static oven. Dimensions: 914*797*1530mm, Power: NG213,000btu (62.5kw), LPG190,000btu (56kw), Weight:164kg, Shipping:1010*940*1120mm,214kg , 3/4”NPT gas connection. Natural gas 5”W.C. , LP gas 10”W.C. Available in natural and liquid propane gas models.


One year parts and labor warranty.


Standard Features.

  • Alpha brass control components.
  • Stainless steel front, back riser, lift off shelf.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron grates with aeration bowl.
  • Standing pilot light for individual burners.
  • Manual gas control.
  • Oven interior side guides and bottom porcelain coated.
  • Oven thermostat adjusts from 200°F -500°F (93°C -260°C).
  • Oven with 2 racks, 3 positions.
  • Flue located on back of unit for ample ventilation.
  • Easy to remove full width crumb tray.
  • Range is fully serviceable from the front.
  • Stainless steel legs standard, casters options.
  • Available in natural and liquid propane gas models.

Flame failure protection options.

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